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Lucasarts Chose Hypernia to host its global launch of the critically acclaimed and top selling Squadron game for PSP. Covering 3 continents, gamers from all over the world including the and Pan-Asia have made this game a top seller.

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Director Michael Moore's Latest Film "Slacker Uprising" Breaks Online Download Records with Hypernia
Partnership with Brave New Films Supports HD Content
September 25, 2008

Thursday, September 25---Miami, FL--- Hypernia Hosting Corp®, the leader in online hosting services and solutions for the interactive entertainment industry, announced their role as global online partner to filmmaker, Michael Moore and his film distributor, Brave New Films. Brave New Films launched their free download of the Oscar-winning filmmaker’s newest film, "Slacker Uprising," (www.slackeruprising.com) earlier this week. This is the first major feature-length film to be released for free on Internet, and broke download records during its first 24 hours on the web.

Michael Moore thanked his many fans by giving them a download of his latest documentary film. "Slacker Uprising” follows Michael Moore’s 62-city tour of the swing states during the 2004 Presidential election and chronicles the compelling and often unexpected response he received across the U.S. The first day of release for “Slacker Uprising” topped all download record charts for feature film releases within the first couple of hours. Online viewers are clambering for Michael Moore's movie and a significant number of them want HD content online.

Hypernia is providing Internet bandwidth, servers and management to host Michael Moore’s latest film online, including all HD content. Known for providing tier-1 bandwidth for CDN, gaming and media streaming, Hypernia was carefully selected by Brave New Films as their official online streaming media partner based on Hypernia’s lengthy and successful history in the online entertainment space. Hypernia’s large volume of equipment, bandwidth and facilities around the world enable users to enjoy a robust multi-media experience.

Moore’s goal four years ago was to convince millions of non-voting "slackers” -- mostly between the ages of 18-29 -- to give voting a try by coming to see Moore and his traveling band of speakers, comedians, and musicians on the "Slacker Uprising Tour.” Part concert tour, part stand-up comedy performance and part rock concert, "Slacker Uprising" features live performances or appearances by Eddie Vedder (of Pearl Jam), Roseanne Barr, Joan Baez, Tom Morello (of Rage Against the Machine), R.E.M., Steve Earle, and Viggo Mortensen.

Michael Moore offers “With Hypernia providing HD-capability and super-flexibility, Brave New Films can now open up ‘Slacker Uprising’ in all markets, enabling us to expand our audience, and build a significant following for “Slacker Uprising” with the confidence that our viewers worldwide will be able to access our entire film easily and efficiently. As film and television continues to converge with the online world, it’s important that technology companies be able to move at our pace. James and his team at Hypernia were able to turn on a dime and get us up and running in record time for the release of this film.”

James Vallord-Costa, CEO and co-founder of Hypernia, notes, “Brave New Films is seeking to generate as much online viewership as possible for ‘Slacker Uprising’ between now and the end of this year. With the ‘flex computing’ capability of our on-demand utility hosting model, they will be able to offer full HD downloads to all users and be able to scale as needed to meet the demand. We are providing access to millions of dollars worth of equipment and resources in order to make the online screening experience a complete success for any user.”

“Our mission here at Brave New Films is to get out a message of social justice,” said Robert Greenwald, founder and president of Brave New Films. “This year, that means getting people to take a close look at what’s at stake in this incredibly important election. You can find literally no better storyteller in the world for that purpose than Michael Moore. Michael is a genius and an inspiration to people all over the country. This new movie is a gift to our nation in this critical moment, and we’re honored to be distributing it for free over the Internet.”

About Brave New Films
Robert Greenwald and Brave New Films are at the forefront of the battle to create a just America. Using cutting-edge Internet video campaigns, Brave New Films has created a quick-strike capability that challenges corporate media with the truth and empowers political action nationwide. From delegitimizing Fox News as a news source and Impeach Gonzales to Real exposés about conservative candidates and a War on Greed, their groundbreaking online political campaigns are exploding the old model of grassroots politics. Using YouTube, bloggers, mobile phones, and strategic partnerships with national networks and local activists, they are reaching millions and getting results. Already, in just a few months, their campaigns have been viewed over 24 million times, garnered astounding press attention, and motivated hundreds of thousands to take action.

About Hypernia
Founded in 2001, Hypernia Hosting Corp® pioneered the Internet data center market with innovative service offerings that would help businesses and individuals take advantage of the speed and global reach of technology and the Internet. Hypernia believes that for organizations to be successful, they need a partner that provides flexible and affordable solutions that spark independence and confidence in their online business. Hypernia established its high volume network for intense application hosting such as online gaming in 2002, and continues to be a leading provider of complex Internet hosting for enterprises with mission-critical Internet operations. Hypernia is the only provider in the world capable and authorized to offer this unique high-level game server service featuring the desirable ranking ability to publishers such as Activision, EA Games, LucasArts and other top game companie! s in the industry.

For more details regarding Hypernia Hosting Corp®, contact PR representative Fiona Cherbak at fiona@themeparkstudios.com, or (512) 916-9633, or you can also visit www.hypernia.com for more information.


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